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H5N1 virus does not infect people usually, but attacks with these viruses have occurred in humans. Most of these cases have got resulted from people having close or direct contact with H5N1-infected poultry or H5N1-contaminated surfaces. For current information about avian influenza A outbreaks, start to see the CDC Outbreaks page.. Another bird flu death in Indonesia pushes death toll to 108 up Indonesia’s health ministry has announced that a three-year-aged boy from Java has died from bird flu pushing the country’s loss of life toll up to 108.* It saves a full lot of period to obtain treated and looked after various aspects like epidermis, hair, fingernails etc. At the same place. Selecting a Beauty salon in Delhi: A beauty salon is normally an establishment where one can get your locks treated and improve your hair style. A trendy and fashionable hair style may improve your appears to an excellent extent. So take care before choosing the parlour. Delhi houses among the best salons. If you would like to sport an admirable appear then you should search for a reputed salon in Delhi for greatest haircuts.